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Chocolate - Can Chocolate Be Good For Your Teath

Posted on November 27, 2017 at 6:10 AM

Most of us like to eat Chocolate especially during the holiday periods such as Christmas and Easter. We buy it as a gift for our loved ones for birthdays and Valentine’s Day. Around this time, we consume more than average The debate on if chocolate is bad for our health is one that has gone on for many years and one of the biggest questions we ask ourselves “Is Chocolate Really As Bad For Our Teeth As We Think?


There are many questions we ask such as will eating too much chocolate add to existing dental conditions that you may have, such as weakened enamel or cavities. Now there are no doubt some negatives associated with consuming to much chocolate but on the other hand there are a number of positives to eating a moderate amount of chocolate occasionally.


An interesting report was released in 2016 by the Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal study show that eating chocolate on a daily basis over years can actually improve overall brain cognition so there are benefits to eating chocolate but what about out dental hygiene and what is the differences with Dark chocolate and Milk chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is known to contain polyphenols chemicals can help fight the growth of bacteria and other harmful organisms in the mouth. These chemicals also can neutralize organisms that cause bad breath and they can prevent some sugars form turning into acid, which can break down the enamel of your teeth and cause tooth decay and cavities.

Dark Chocolate contain Flavonoids which are known to slow tooth decay, there dark chocolate may even help prevent cavities according to some studies. It is also contains Antioxidants which are good for your general health and when it comes to oral hygiene and health, having higher levels of these antioxidants in your saliva can help fight against gum disease.

The main reason for these benefits is that Dark chocolate is made up of around 70% cocoa and only 30% powdered milk and sugar. This means that compared to Milk chocolate the detrimental effect that it could have on tooth enamel is greatly reduced.


Milk Chocolate

When it comes to the more popular Milk chocolate the news is not so good. The reason behind this is that The breakdown is usually 20-30% real cocoa, with the balance consisting of sugar and powdered milk. These means the risk of tooth decay and cavities is greatly increased


So to sum up Eating Chocolate in moderation can have both positive and negative effects on your teeth. As the article shows Dark Chocolate can have some great benefits while Milk chocolate is not so good for you.

Remember however that taking good care of your teeth is equally important whichever chocolate you choose to eat. Make sure you keep your mouth healthy by brushing and flossing on a daily basis and attend regular checkups with your Dentist

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